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Inbound Calls Services

Inbound queue management and Soft PBX capabilities are an integral component of the Nawader Call Center system. The Nawader ACD (automatic call distributor) provides a unified solution for managing multi-channel inbound contacts (voice, email, fax, web) within a universal queue. With intelligent call flows and skills based routing, calls are routed to the appropriate agent or group based on skill, experience level, language, and availability. Real-time management tools and advanced inbound call routing features allow you to maximize customer service and improve productivity. Nawader IP PBX gives you the power of Inbound ACD with a flexible, IP-based environment.

Nawader solutions helps you to improve the productivity and efficiency of incoming customer contacts. The inbound platform can be integrated with IVR, recording, dialling, and other features to enhance the quality of your customer interactions. 

Answering Services

Phone Answering Services: Our highly trained Agents are available 24/7 to answer your calls in case you are busy or out of the office. We all know that calls are very important for business and this service suits establishments & small or big companies. Thru our Call Center System we can deliver the callers’ messages by SMS, fax or email.

Medical Answering Services: Tired of going to hospitals and learned that your doctor is not available? Thru our Call Center Services you can make appointments to your Doctor and if it is an emergency we can transfer you to the on-call doctors. This helps patients to lessen stress of waiting to hospitals.

Career Opportunity Services: Applicants can call our call center hotline number and will be initially interviewed by our highly trained agents. Then the applicant's information is forwarded to our clients for second/final interview.

Order Taking Services

Restaurant Order Taking: Tired of calling restaurants for delivery and no one is answering? Thru our call center services our agents never gets busy. Our agents gets your orders on your choice of restaurants and delivers to you in no time.

Product Orders: This service is for ordering of products, consumers can call our call center and our agents assists them on the specific product that they want to order. This can be by cash or installment plans.

Technical Support

Nawader Call Center provides technical support for troubleshooting of hardware and software problems, internet web browsing and connection problems, networking problems, etc.

Outbound Calls

Alongside our call centre for inbound calls, we also provide outgoing telephone marketing facilities. This enables clients to enhance their knowledge of their market and customers. We specialise in information gathering in both business to business and consumer markets. Nawader Call Center automates, organizes, and manages your outbound dialling campaigns and resources, allowing you to build productivity, improve efficiency, and increase call volume. The Nawader Call Center delivers call management, list control, workflow management, and an integrated database. Our call management and predictive dialling solution also provides complete local or remote monitoring and reporting, and supervision controls that help you manage your operations more effectively.

Outbound Calls
Nawader’s outbound dialling solutions helps you improve the productivity and efficiency of your outbound contacts. Our outbound calling system can be integrated with automated messaging, IVR, skills-based routing, and other features to provide even greater functionality for your call center. Nawader Systems clients can be assured that Nawader can meet the challenging needs of their customer contact programs, whether your primary need is for growth, integration, or compliance. 

Our clients can get benefits from:
  • Database verification and enhancement
  • Post purchase follow up
  • Customer loyalty schemes
  • Electronic ad-hoc reporting
  • Lifestyle characteristic gathering
  • Market research
  • Script writing and staff training
  • Interdepartmental relationships with mail order, fulfilment and direct mail on site
  • Full campaign analysis & reports.


Nawader Systems offers powerful technology solutions for Telemarketing & Sales programs that can help you increase your contact rates, enhance efficiencies, and streamline program management. Nawader gives you the tools to expand agent productivity, use resources more effectively, make program modifications, view list and campaign performance, monitor system activity, and deliver improved results.

Our Telemarketing & Sales users enjoy the advantages of Nawader Systems' unified platform and blended contact features, designed by our experts from the teleservices industry. You will be able to improve list penetration and make more contacts, create and modify campaigns and scripts, and capture new sale and customer information quickly with our advanced tools for Predictive Dialing, Digital Recording, Custom Scripting, List Management, IVR & Outbound Messaging, Sales Verification, Software Integration, and more.


Nawader Call Centers’ Messaging informs its clients of the callers details and message in case they are busy or not available. Nawader Call Centers’ Messaging has a wide range of ways to send the information whether thru email, fax or SMS.

Find Me- Follow Me

Nawaders’ Find Me-Follow Me is a special feature of our call center. Find Me-Follow Me calls all the number of our client that he gives until he answers the call. This is a good solution if you are expecting a very important call and you are not at your desk or you have to leave because you have an emergency.

Extension to Extension Calls

Nawader Call Center provides clients with VOIP Fones in order for them to call extension to extension everywhere in the world. All clients get benefit of this service especially those who have office branches all over the Kingdom and even outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Digital Recording

Nawader Recorder allows you to record agent audio and screens for easy retrieval and playback to help you meet Quality Assurance, Compliance, Sales Verification and Training needs. Recorder organizes files for convenient storage and gives you the ability to retrieve a digitized, high-quality online record within seconds – and an archived record within minutes. You save administrative time by simply keying in a log number for instant playback. You can even give your clients their own log numbers so they can dial in and listen to their program call recordings on their own, using interactive voice response tools, without the assistance of an agent.

Minimize Wrap Time & Improve Call Recording Accuracy: Digital recording reduces agent 'wrap time', so agents can move on to other calls immediately. The Nawader Recorder option also removes the potential for human recording errors, such as incorrect tape labeling and failure to turn the call recorder on or off by automatically starting and stopping recordings and assigning log numbers for storage.
Digital Recording

Reduce Operating Expenses: Eliminate the time and administrative costs of filing and maintaining audiotapes and recorders with Recorder. Instant online retrieval further extends your time and money savings with a streamlined process - paper documentation and tape shuffling is unnecessary. Recorder also allows you to perform verifications in-house, with immediate access to information, decreasing your outsourcing expenses.

Protect Your Business & Your Transactions: Recording transactions protect your company and your clients. Whether required by law or corporate policy, files can be reviewed instantly with the customer to verify what was said. Recorder keeps a verbatim record that can be used to resolve conflicts and clarify possible confusion. When used with Speech Analytics, Call Recording also allows you to identify trends and improve customer service.

Create Quality Management Programs for Added Quality Assurance: The Expanded Nawader QA functions work with Recorder to help you build quality management programs to review and score agent interactions and view screens and agent movements to improve workflow. QA Agents can be assigned to any station, or stations can be setup as dedicated QA stations in high-production environments. QA agents can see the data recorded during a call, as well as listen to the call recording. Recordings can be reviewed automatically for quality scoring, based on user-defined sampling criteria. QA scoring results are reported automatically to managers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Nawader IVR offers intelligent routing automated menus to callers to enhance interactions with fewer agent resources and lower costs, and gives customers access to instant information and rapid service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our IVR platform uses touch tone and voice commands to: 1) route calls with the Nawader ACD, 2) provide information to the caller, 3) collect information, and 4) perform processes such as providing an account balance or accepting an account payment. Nawader IVR is scalable, easy to setup, and customizable for both inbound and outbound contact applications. 

Provide Personalized Service: Inbound self-service allows callers to interact with the organization during and after hours, typically without the assistance of an agent. The growth of inbound IVR is being driven by increased center phone volumes, the need for faster, more efficient service, and cost savings. Nawader IVR solutions allow callers to interact with critical data in various databases.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR system can also gather caller information such as product orders, credit card information, as well as provide account or product information. Self service systems support large volumes of contacts without requiring costly workforce resources and provide timely, automated resolution of customer inquiries, automate complex processes, support 24/7 operations with voice mail, fax-on-demand, and multilingual services, and eliminate repetitive and costly agent tasks for common questions.

Automated Messaging: Outbound messaging allows the person called to answer questions, take surveys and more without an agent resource. Outbound IVR facilitates a range of markets including collections, telesales & lead generation, market research, alerts, group & community communications.

Utilize the Power of an Integrated System: The broad array of capabilities and advantages offered by this tool rival stand-alone, third-party IVR systems. Basic features include touch-tone routing (phone tree routing), which can be linked to skills based, DNIS, or call overflow routing. Expanded functionality delivers the ability to replay or 'speak' numbers, money amounts, dates and times, etc., and can integrate with an off-site mainframe system and with payment processing tools for automated billing and payment services.